Welcome to the Freshest Meme!

This site is a collection of fun games and funny projects made by George Moe.

The Only April Fools Joke You Need

george.moe/april-fools screenshot

my humor has been replaced with generative ai

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Fungible Tokens

fungible.moe screenshot

Every one unique, none of them special!

fungible.moe >>

"pumpkins" - halloween 2022 >>

rosy lenses 💖 👓

rosy lenses screenshot

machine learning and memes to make the world seem just a bit nicer :)

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ClickBait (concept)

Clickbait screenshot

This sketch poked fun at the click-bait nature of online advertising in an entertaining and rewarding game (while also hypothetically generating ad revenue :P). Try it out, share it with your friends, and (imagine) enjoy seeing some of your favorite advertisements. (You may need to disable adblock as it may think the placeholder images are actually ads.)

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The Noot Game

Noot Game screenshot

This game was made for a very special occasion near the beginning of April and is one of this site's first games. Featuring the very latest in meme culture: Pingu the Nooter, V A P O R W A V E, and various easter eggs.

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Happy America Day

Celebrate the 4th of July from the comfort of your browser. (This was made July 4th, 2016 when videos still autoplayed with sound - that part no longer works unless you allow video and audio to autoplay.)

America Day >>

The Tilting Benchmark

Tilting Benchmark screenshot

This is one of the original Freshest Meme pages, an aggressively epileptic website (warning: flashing lights and bright colors) that becomes increasingly computationally expensive to run. The rate at which your computer progresses through the levels (as well as how many levels it can complete) is a good description of its computational and graphical capabilities, as measured in Bootstraps.

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(Warning! Flashing Lights) Bonus: The Benchmark's Predecessor... >>